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Insulated Concrete Forms



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Why design with NUDURA ICF?

NUDURA ICF offers the ultimate in design flexibility.  Large open plan spaces, unusual window spans, curved walls and basements can all be created quickly, simply and safely in line with engineering requirements.

Design flexibility and structural strength

NUDURA can be used for any straight or curved walls, domestic or commercial, external or internal up to 10 storeys, basements, swimming pools, etc. It must be remembered that it is formwork for concrete with the benefit of insulation.

In short, if you can imagine it, you can build it with NUDURA.

Planning Permission

NUDURA walls may be clad externally with render, brick, stone, tiles, slates, timber, etc. so should find ready acceptance by the planning authorities.

Energy Efficiency

A standard NUDURA wall with 150mm concrete core will give a U-value of 0.24, this can easily be reduced to 0.11 by the insertion of U-Value Plus pre-formed EPS inserts.

A NUDURA wall is a concrete wall that is completely insulated both inside and out, with no air spaces, studs or thermal bridging to exterior walls thus virtually eliminating structural air leakage and providing a substantial thermal mass to smooth out internal ambient temperatures.

A properly detailed NUDURA ICF structure will retain heat from passive solar and occupational gain and require virtually no additional heating.

As a result, NUDURA provides energy efficiency that is superior to timber frame or traditional masonry structures.

BBA Approval

NUDURA  has been evaluated and received European approval ETA-07/0034

Fire Resistance

NUDURA walling has 4 hour fire resistance


NUDURA is a member of the UK/USA/CANADIAN Green Building Association and a major contributor to the CSH, BREEAM and LEED programmes

Trained Installers

All NUDURA Installers are fully trained and certified, with access to technical back up and site support from us,
The Fell Partnership Ltd, their NUDURA distributor.

For more information on NUDURA, an estimate or technical details you can contact us here