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Insulated Concrete Forms



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Minimum Heating Bills

NUDURA ICF is a concrete wall that is completely insulated both inside and out, with no air spaces, studs or thermal bridging to exterior walls and no air leakage resulting in no cold spots nor draughts. Because NUDURA walls can provide U-values as low as 0.11 a passive house could be designed that retains heat from solar gain and requires virtually no additional heating. We have practical examples of our clients living in ICF houses in Devon who rarely turn on their heating !

Structural Strength

NUDURA’s concrete structure is extremely strong, durable and safe.  And, unlike timber-frame, the structural materials will not rot away or require on-going maintenance. In addition, the innate strength of the material supports unusual modern designs, including large open spaces and large window openings.

Design Flexibility

With NUDURA, imagination is the only limit.  The strength and flexibility of this system mean that almost anything is possible - including large open plan spaces and unusual window spans, retaining walls, basements, curved walls, swimming pools, etc.

Using  NUDURA brings costs benefits from:

  • Unique folding web means reduced transport costs and site storage space

  • Faster speed of construction (see below)

  • Reduced requirement for heating and ventilation systems

  • Reduced labour for pipe and cable installation, eps can be chased with a knife!

Speed of Construction

  • Just unpack, unfold, hand stack, add reinforcement then fill with concrete, it’s as easy as that!

  • No delays because of rain or frost

  • No mess

  • Reduced scaffold time

  • Minimum waste

  • Each standard form is equivalent to 22 concrete blocks

It sounds like a cliche, but you really will be amazed at how fast your home can be built with NUDURA.  Its innovative design and super lightweight blocks make NUDURA faster and easier to build with than traditional blockwork, which can drastically reduce labour costs as well as external build time.

Air Quality

The NUDURA insulated concrete formwork has been laboratory tested and does not support mould growth thus ensuring an excellent air quality and reduced requirement for mechanical ventilation.

Sound Proof

The double foam insulated concrete core acts as an excellent sound barrier.  NUDURA dampens sound vibration from external noise for optimum peace and quiet inside the home.

Full BBA Approval

NUDURA insulated concrete formwork has achieved official certification from the British Board of Agrément (BBA), the UK’s major approval body for new construction products and installers.

BBA certificates are recognised within the building industry as proof that products have been rigorously assessed, will allow compliance with Building Regulations to be achieved and will last for a defined period.

Fire Resistance

NUDURA walling provides 4 hour fire resistance

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