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Insulated Concrete Forms



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Why build with NUDURA?

Interested in saving time, money, hassle, and back pain on your building site?  Want to build stronger, warmer, better houses - faster than you thought possible? Want to gain skill in the most innovative building technology to hit the UK market?

The innovative NUDURA ICF building system offers many advantages.  Tried and tested in Canada where temperatures regularly drop to -40C, NUDURA is the market-leading product. This innovative ICF (Insulated Concrete Form) building system has won Canada’s ‘National Award for Most Energy Efficient Home’ for the last 4 years and is being used in the build of America’s first Zero Carbon School, due to be commissioned in Autumn 2011. 

Click here for more information on the following:

  • Cost Reduction

  • Quick Construction

  • Minimum waste

  • Lightweight Blocks

  • Design Flexibility

  • Structural Strength

  • Unbeatable Insulation

  • Full Training

  • Full BBA Approval

Ultra-lightweight blocks simply click together like Lego, then walls are filled with concrete for a build that is super-strong and super-warm.

Why Become A Certified NUDURA Installer?

There is an increasing demand for cutting-edge building techniques in the UK.  Home builders are looking for solutions that are cost-effective and energy efficient.  In a climate of rising fuel costs and environmental awareness, the superiority of a NUDURA structure is fast gaining recognition over traditional block and even timber-frame builds.

As a Certified Installer, you will receive full, hands-on training in how to use this innovative building material, as well as ongoing Technical Support from us, your experienced NUDURA distributor. 

You’ll also benefit from continuous marketing activity by us, your NUDURA Distributor, who will pass customer enquiries directly to you.  And of course, you are welcome to quote for other elements of the customer’s build  e.g. roofing, first and second fix carpentry, etc.

For more information on NUDURA, an estimate or technical details you can contact us here