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Insulated Concrete Forms



Standard Form NUDURA Standard Form Unit

The Standard is NUDURA's most-used form unit. It measures 2.44m (8 ft) long and provides an incredible 1.12m2 (12 sq. ft) of wall area, more than any other supplier. NUDURA Standards easily unfold for use, are fully reversible and are available with 100/150/200/250/300mm (4"/6"/8"/10"/12") cores.

90 Degree NUDURA 90 Degree Corner Form

To reduce transport and storage, NUDURA offers a unique 90 degree corner form that folds and is fully reversible so there is no need for left and right hand units. NUDURA Corner Forms also have a continuous strip in every corner and are available in all core sizes.

45 degree NUDURA 45 Degree Corner Form

NUDURA 45 degree forms also fold to provide transport and storage efficiencies and are fully reversible. These forms are available in all core sizes.

tee forms NUDURA T-Form

NUDURA T Form Units come in a Long “T” and a Short “T” version to provide proper joint overlap. The forms are available in every combination of 5 standard core thicknesses for both the Main and T wall cavities and are reversible.

radius NUDURA Radius Form Unit

NUDURA makes curves and radius walls easy by providing factory-cut forms designed to your specifications. NUDURA’s Radius Form units eliminate wasteful and time consuming onsite work.

brick ledge NUDURA Brick Ledge Form Unit

NUDURA Brick Ledge Concrete Form units are used to support brick or stone facades on any structure. These forms are available for all core sizes.

taper Single & Double Sided Taper Top Forms

NUDURA offers the flexibility of single and double sided Taper Top units to be combined for all cavity sizes giving greater versatility and increased bearing capacity.

unassembled Unassembled Panels & Webs

In order to provide as much versatility and flexibility as today's building industry demands, NUDURA Standard, Tapered Top and Brickledge panels are available in unassembled packages. These panels are designed for NUDURA Slide-webs which are available in our 5 core thicknesses.

brick ledge extension NUDURA Brick Ledge Extension

NUDURA offers a Brick Ledge Extension to provide greater flexibility when establishing brick ledge locations, particularly when the application is sloping.

Further information is available on the NUDURA Resource page, or you can contact us here