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Insulated Concrete Forms



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Why build a NUDURA eco home ?

You can achieve a Passivhaus or Code for Sustainable Homes Level 6 with a NUDURA structure.

If you’re building your own eco home, the choices you make now affect the comfort and practicality of your home in the future.

With the NUDURA ICF building system, you can be sure of a strong, safe, durable, green home, with an unbeatable envelope of insulation that is warm, draught-free and cost-effective.

NUDURA eco homes typically cost substantially less to heat than traditional block or timber-frame houses, which also makes them better for the environment by reducing the energy used and consequently a reduction in the carbon footprint.  Building regulations are easily exceeded.

The lightweight blocks are ideal for creative modern green home designs, supporting large windows, open spaces, basements and even curved walls!  And, they are quick to assemble, which helps to minimise labour costs.

NUDURA forms are made from recycled or recyclable materials, using no ozone depleting processes and emitting no CFCs or HCFCs.

Advantages of a NUDURA eco home

  • Low heating costs

  • Improved air quality

  • Structural Strength

  • Sound Proof

  • Design Flexibility

  • Speed of Construction

  • Environmentally Responsible Sustainable Construction

  • Trained Installers

  • Full BBA Approval

  • Guidance and support during the build process

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