We stock a wide range of accessories and ancillary items that compliment the Nudura range. From screws and tapes to hot knives and window fitting products, we have tried and tested them all and can offer them at very competitive prices.

CodeDescriptionNETInc. VAT
FM310Illbruck Pro-Foam Gun Grade£4.80£5.76
FM330Illbruck Airseal PU Expanding Foam£7.40£8.88
PU010Illbruck Panel Adhesive Foam£9.90£11.88
AA250Illbruck Professional Foam Gun£20.00£24.00
AA270Illbruck Ultra High Quality Foam Gun£37.50£45.00
AA290Illbruck Foam Gun Cleaner£3.10£3.72
PU700Illbruck Construction Adhesive£10.50£12.60
MT480Illbruck Solvent Free High Grip£2.41£2.89
ME220150mmME220 EPDM 150mm x 25m£83.25£99.90
ME220200mmME220 EPDM 200mm x 25m£107.75£129.30
ME220250mmME220 EPDM 250mm x 25m£159.50£191.40
ME50870mmME508 70mm x 75m£135.00£162.00
ME508100mmME508 10mm x 75m£176.25£211.50
CT113EPDM primer and adhesive 5L£40.00£48.00
OT008OT008 Adhesive£8.54£10.25
NS056.3 x 45mm Hex Head Slotted Masonry Screw (100)£9.50£11.40
NS066.3 x 57mm Hex Head Slotted Masonry Screw (100)£10.65£12.78
NS076.3 x 82mm Hex Head Slotted Masonry Screw (100)£16.80£20.16
 SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bit 5mm x 160mm£1.74£2.09
 SDS Plus Hammer Drill Bit 5.5mm x 160mm£1.74£2.09
 Galvanised Fixing Band 18mm x 1mm x 10m£4.20£5.04
 Galvanised Fixing Band 20mm x 1mm x 10m£4.50£5.40
NSC-2.02” Hex Head Steel Screw, Flat Washer (1000)£90.00£108.00
NSC-2.52 ½” Hex Head Steel Screw, Flat Washer (1000)£90.00£108.00
NTAPE-4Protective Tape for Castellations 96mm x 66m£3.85£4.62
NRBCRebar Bender and Cutter – Manual£283.33£340.00
HOTKNIFEPurchase Hot Knife Cutter£215.00£258.00
WPROF2Peel and Stick Membrane£125.00£150.00
AQUBITUMENSovereign Aqueous Bitumen Primer 25L£68.00£81.60
 ¼” Magnetic Nut Driver£2.00£2.40
 5/16” Magnetic Nut Driver£2.80£3.36


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