Integrated Series

Nudura Integrated Series Products

The Integrated Series from Nudura combines building envelope products that work in conjunction with our line of Insulated Concrete Forms to provide maximum energy efficiency. Each Integrated Series product has been manufactured to install quickly and efficiently and replaces many traditional forms of insulation products that are far more labour intensive.

Nudura leads the industry in product innovation and is unmatched by any other Insulated Concrete Form; this innovation continues with the Integrated Series. Nudura is strongly committed to improving the building process to support environmental issues, reduce energy consumption, and to save our valuable environmental resources for future generations.

Nudura One series


HYDROFOAM® offers a high density expanded polystyrene (EPS) radiant heat insulation that increases installation speeds while providing R-10 insulation value.

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THERMOFOAM® Floor Insulation Technology is an easy–to-use insulation solution for your renovation and construction projects.

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HOMEGA® A quick and economical high performance insulation solution for retro-fitting uninsulated floors and ceilings in homes, garages and cottages.

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