Why use Nudura pre formed concrete forms?

When constructing a new building, there are certain requirements that most owners will need to fulfil. These will include being cost effective, so that savings can be made in the process, over other alternatives. Nudura pre formed concrete are two panels of expanded polystyrene foam, connected with reinforced steel and filled with concrete, finished with a waterproof membrane, to keep out the elements and making the build process very simple. Cost saving will also be made in the energy saving potential of the new building as Nudura blocks are more energy efficient than all other forms of building materials, due to very low levels of heat loss from the structure, as well as the need to cool the inside during warm periods.

Other building requirements usually include being kind to the environment, so with Nudura forms being manufactured from 100% recycled polypropylene, they reduce the carbon footprint of the new building and making it a very eco-friendly process. Call the Fell partnership for more details on the Nudura integrated series in the South West of England.


The Benefits Of Using An Architect

The great thing about using an architect, is that they will have years of experience from doing many projects. This means they will know what to look out for, whilst being able to do a thorough and safe job. They will also be able to give you advice whilst keeping you updated throughout the whole project. You will be able to get design tactics, as they will look at your home and know what it needs, whilst seeing the potential it has. For instance, you may notice that you can put another room in your home, which means an architect will be able to figure out exactly how much space you’ll actually get. You may think it’s too pricey to get an architect, but they will make sure things are checked over from the start, or else you may find planning prices are high. If you’re going to invest in something, then an architect is a good choice. You don’t want to have any design errors that cost money right from the start. So, by using an architect you can feel assured that they will liaise with other workers to keep things correct and working well in safe hands. For a list of high quality Architects in the Westcountry, who can help with designing a passive or Green home in the South West, click the link.


How Important Is Levelling The Ground?

When it comes to a worksite, no matter the size of the project (be it a small landscape or big construction job), preparation is crucial. Not only will it make sure there aren’t any timing issues, but it will ensure the integrity of the property isn’t in danger, due to any poor quality initial work. Levelling the site needs priority due to the effect it has on how well the project will go and whether or not it’s successful. By keeping it a high priority, it can help to prevent any problems that could affect the structure, design and potentially the safety of the project.

Once the construction site has been levelled and cleared, any underground utilities that already exist will be mapped properly, to stop neighbours being disturbed. This will also stop potential accidents such as electrocution and pipes bursting and leaking. Safety will also be a priority, such as driveways cleared to stop accidents, particularly if the work is being done in a commercial area, where you may have large machinery around. Without these obstructions, work can be done faster, therefore keeping to schedule and avoiding financial problems. Professionals will be able to get the work done efficiently, without compromising the safety of colleagues or the site around them. Call The Fell Partnership for green homes and enquiries on Insulated concrete Formwork.


The Importance Of Sound Testing

Due to regulations, passing a sound test is needed for a new project to be agreed on. This is something that is done in new builds to make sure there are the correct levels of sound reduction. It is important to have sound testing done, as it is a legal addition to a new build, particularly if they are next to another property. A sound test certificate is crucial, as without this the final project won’t be accepted.

There are two types of sound tests involved during this check, called impact and airborne noise tests. Impact refers to footsteps and traffic on the floors. Airborne tests consist of talking, television and music. Noise is measured with sound equipment on the other side of the wall. Doors and windows need to be sealed shut, openings for ventilation need to be closed and preferably rooms should be empty and accessible during the tests. The mains also needs to have 240v of power available for testing and any outdoor noises need to be down low so the results aren’t influenced. This includes no working on the project during this time.

It is best to get these tests done as soon as possible, as it will be expensive to change insulation levels if it’s left too late. Bathroom and kitchen units shouldn’t be added until after the tests with the risk of them being removed. However, testing too early can also be a problem. Certain aspects of the home needs to be finished before it can begin. If the sound test is to pass, then completion of the windows, walls, ventilation, electrical sockets, skirting board and plastering should be done. If in doubt, it is best to talk to a professional so you know exactly what needs to be done when and where. For help with Insulated concrete including, Fire and Sound testing in the west of England, call us today.


Eco-Friendly Homes And Nudura

These days we find we are paying out to have our houses warm, due to the cost of energy bills rising. Keeping the temperature in our homes regulated shouldn’t be so difficult and it can be easier with the right technology. Using Nudura ICF (Insulated concrete forms) is beneficial due to materials used for construction. Not only are they energy efficient, they also provide comfort and the solution for any energy issues your home may have. Compared to more common methods, such as using wood, using Nudura can help to save energy up to 58% with the energy efficient materials used.

Nudura Forms are made from EPS (expanded polystyrene), which is created with 100% recycled material, such as steel and polypropylene, that is also mould resistant. They are durable, as a structure can be built with concrete which can last for a long time. By using Nudura it prioritises safety in high wind places, due to the sturdy impact defence. The ICF design also creates a lower amount of waste when it is used for construction, therefore there is less in our landfills. The waste that is provided is recyclable by 100%.

By combining this material with other methods that are energy efficient, it will lower the release of carbon, therefore decreasing the amount of fossil fuels. This in turn will lower the carbon footprint. It will also boost the quality of the air inside, due to the gaps in the air being minimised. This will give an airtight nature, meaning there will be sufficient ventilation within the structure. This will mean anyone who lives or works in the building will have a safer and healthier environment. For more information on Eco friendly Homes, self build in the South West, call us today.


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