Eco-Friendly Homes And Nudura

These days we find we are paying out to have our houses warm, due to the cost of energy bills rising. Keeping the temperature in our homes regulated shouldn’t be so difficult and it can be easier with the right technology. Using Nudura ICF (Insulated concrete forms) is beneficial due to materials used for construction. Not only are they energy efficient, they also provide comfort and the solution for any energy issues your home may have. Compared to more common methods, such as using wood, using Nudura can help to save energy up to 58% with the energy efficient materials used.

Nudura Forms are made from EPS (expanded polystyrene), which is created with 100% recycled material, such as steel and polypropylene, that is also mould resistant. They are durable, as a structure can be built with concrete which can last for a long time. By using Nudura it prioritises safety in high wind places, due to the sturdy impact defence. The ICF design also creates a lower amount of waste when it is used for construction, therefore there is less in our landfills. The waste that is provided is recyclable by 100%.

By combining this material with other methods that are energy efficient, it will lower the release of carbon, therefore decreasing the amount of fossil fuels. This in turn will lower the carbon footprint. It will also boost the quality of the air inside, due to the gaps in the air being minimised. This will give an airtight nature, meaning there will be sufficient ventilation within the structure. This will mean anyone who lives or works in the building will have a safer and healthier environment. For more information on Eco friendly Homes, self build in the South West, call us today.


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