Nudura XR35


NUDURA manufactures a range of products and accessories for a variety of applications which provide maximum energy efficiency, superior strength, healthier indoor working and living environments and a structure that offers lower overall maintenance costs over its lifetime compared to traditional building applications…


The XR35 has been created with a higher R-Value due to its 102mm EPS panels. It is available with a 152mm and 203mm core as a standard form and a 90° corner form.

The fastening strips remain 16mm)below the surface of the EPS and are located at 203mm in the centre. The fastening strip is marked with a diamond pattern making fastening the interior or exterior finishes quick and easily on-site.

Nudura XR35


Nudura XR35 helping with Self Build in Cornwall

The Nudura XR35 system offers unparalleled advantages for self-build techniques. This innovative solution allows for speedier construction timelines on all self-build projects, improved thermal efficiency, and remarkable sturdiness against adverse weather conditions. Importantly, these benefits do not compromise on design flexibility, with Nudura XR35 able to accommodate a wide variety of architectural styles and self-build techniques.

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