Why the Fell Partnership?

Nick and Doreen Fell have been based at Merrivale Farm for over 40 years and in 1991 started a building and renovation business. This has evolved into what the Fell Partnership Ltd has become today. Business partners Nick and Tim, ably assisted by Louis and Chris, all doing our best to give the service and commitment every project deserves from the design stage to the final pour. Whether on the phone, email or onsite we aim to support, train and advise, sharing our knowledge to ensure a valuable and pleasurable learning experience. It is our passion to reduce the materials needed for an efficient building envelope, reduce waste, increase sustainability, performance and life expectancy of the nation’s building stock. Through hard work, education and case studies we can learn from each other and improve how the construction industry operates and performs.

Introduced to Insulated Concrete Formwork in 2000, Nick saw the obvious benefits and soon began to incorporate ICF into new builds and extensions on and around Dartmoor. The speed of build during any weather was the initial draw, with a small team of builders, lost days to rain were costly and frustrating and one thing we know about the South West is that it rains! It didn’t take long to realise that the quality of build, strength, air tightness, sound attenuation, thermal performance, customer satisfaction and a much smaller snagging list made ICF the only way to go. Nudura was not yet on the UK market so various manufacturers were used until a fateful encounter with Jean-Marc Bouvier at a trade show. The passion that Jean-Marc portrayed convinced Nick to take a sample of the product home with him and, after periodically getting it off the shelf to have a play, the more innovative and technically advanced product left its mark. A fully reversible block that was flat packed reduced transport costs and looking for a left or right corner was a thing of the past.

The next decade saw Nick and his team of tradesmen specialising in Nudura, it is from experience that we can, hand on heart, say that Nudura is the most user friendly ICF with support from the best accessory and complimentary products catalogue. The support and guidance given by Nudura was unlike any other ICF that we had used in the past, it was this that persuaded Nick to bring Nudura to the South West by becoming the exclusive distributor for the region. The result was a winding down of the building business and an upscaling of the training, supplying and product development of Nudura. To further enhance the business
Nick decided to upgrade an old traditional granite barn, completely transforming it with Nudura, no more damp problems resulting in an ample sized training room with two upstairs offices.

As Nudura has become more mainstream in the UK, we have seen the evolution from the small extension or retaining wall to grand bespoke one offs and multi-house developments. This gives rise to the need to make the product as fool proof and as flexible as possible, to not only build, but design. Nick has developed simple systems to build any angle required, form curves on site, change core size, place openings anywhere in the wall with a reusable bracket and support system, robustly seal the openings, special props for high gables, special props for low foundations and swimming pools etc. The list goes on, you can learn more in the Quick Guide.


In 2020 we moved to a new base in West Devon, close to the A30 and at the heart of our distributor area. We have much more storage and aim to have our mini exhibition and training centre up and running very soon, please feel free to give us a call and organise a time to drop in.


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